Brand consistency simplified.

With Brandpad, companies get an always up-to-date place for all their brand-relevant material. Everyone from colleagues and partners to suppliers and agencies can find and use the same up-to-date brand guidelines with all assets and specifications.

Cut down on confusion.

No more questions, no more emails—it is always right there. Find and share logo files, color codes, font specifications, presentation-templates, image usage and whatever you need, exactly when you need it.

One fits all.

Brand Managers.

With Brandpad, you make sure your brand is properly handled by everyone involved in your projects.

Project Managers.

With Brandpad, you don't just send files—you provide specs on how they should be used.

Designers & Developers.

With Brandpad, you can always access what you need to get your job done perfectly.

Marketing & Sales.

With Brandpad you get everything you need to present your content in a consistent way.

Save Time.

No more wasting time on searching folders and email threads. Your files and usage guides will be accessible on one, dedicated link.

Save Resources.

How much money is spent on misunderstandings and back-and-forth each year? Whatever the amount is, it is too much.

Scale Up.

With your brand on Brandpad, more people do not equal more management. When you grow, your guideline automatically grows with you.

Correct Usage.

When assets and specifications are easy to find, they are easy to use. A place to understand how to use your brand helps minimize wrong decisions.

Up to Date.

With a digital guideline, your brand can always be up-to-date. You avoid the uncertainty about whether the version you have is the right one.

Grow a brand.

Your identity is an investment. Maintaining it in the best possible way is too. With Brandpad, you give it a proper format to grow in.

Embrace digitalisation.

Let static, outdated PDFs fall into oblivion. Design beautiful, living brand guidelines in a modern, cloud-based platform. Always accessible. Anytime. Anywhere.

Be on brand.

Increase internal and external brand awareness by ensuring all your stakeholders are on brand. All the time.

Organize your brands.

Quickly bring your whole portfolio to Brandpad and structure each brand for easy usage. Completely customize all your brand guidelines to maintain their uniqueness and authenticity.

You're in good company.

For everyone's sake.

Ready when you are.

Brandpad is the brand platform. Join thousands of inspiring companies in bringing their brand portfolios to the cloud.