Guideline templates.

Templates are a good way to kickstart a new brand guideline from a set structure. As an alternative to starting the guideline from scratch, you still have the options of editing everything from layout, colors, fonts, content, and assets to fit the identity you are working on.


The Airtime template is set up with a side-panel layout effectively balancing written guidelines with both visuals and assets.

Preview or Get started with Airtime.


The Skeleton template is a diverse guideline focusing on concept and execution, supplemented with clear guidelines and direct downloads.

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MUUW  is a thorough, minimal template that merges brand strategy with the visual identity — perfect for a full identity hand over to a client.

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Handkraft portrays Scandinavian aesthetics, drawing from a rich heritage of craftsmanship, with a simple and clean layout.

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Greenpoint is a no frills template for a medium-sized brand. Greenpoint balance an overall concept with a visual identity and easy-to-find assets.

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Design your own.

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