Paint the canvas.

Brandpad is fueled by the idea that each brand is unique and that their guideline should be too. Our system is just the format—it's your design that matters. Here's a selected look at how other designers have chosen to present the identities (and how we present ours).

Oslo arkitekturtriennale.
Operasjon Dagsverk.
Anticipate Productions.
Staying Sain.
Music Radio Creative.

Bring yours.

These guidelines are made public by their designers. We never showcase work without explicit permission from the creator(s). If you want your (or your clients) guideline showcased, please send us the link and some background information.

Gather your brands.

With your identities in Brandpad, your whole portfolio is gathered in one place—accessible wherever and whenever.

Identity first.

Every brand is unique, and so should their guideline be. With Brandpad, you can design the guideline to match the identity it contains.

Assets & Guides.

Hand-over by giving the identity & assets a digital home. Connect downloadable material with guides on how to use them.

Clients & Collaborators.

Handle clients & collaborators through brand-specific invites and controls. Collaborate, present, approve and deliver.

Approve & Publish.

Get approvals, review changes and publish at your preferred domain. Distribute the link once and the job is done.

Private or Public.

No need for "yet another login". Choose if you want to make the guideline public or password-protected, and distribute as you please.

Maintain & Grow.

With the identity in the cloud, updates come easy. New changes are automatically synced and instantely accessible to everyone.

Designers first.

Brandpad is a brand guidelines system built to make it easier to deliver and maintain identities in a professional and functional way. See all features.

Bring your project.

Join thousands of inspiring studios in giving brand identities a new, digital home.