Privacy Policy.

Updated: September 15th, 2016

We don’t like these documents any more than you do. The short version is that we collect what we feel we need to make our services better for you as a customer. 

General Information.

This information explains our privacy practices and what we do with the information we collect from you when you use our services. Please read the Terms & Conditions to understand about services. We express the right to change and update this policy at any given time and for any given reason. Normally, we’ll notify you when this happens.

Data collection.

We collect information about your use of our services. We normally collect information about what pages you visit and your behaviour on them. Sometimes, we collect information about where you came from before using our services (referral). We also collect information about your devices and computer, and everything you send us (information from communication or use).

We may collect information about your IP or similar to personalize our services to you. When you create an account we might use third-party services (like Facebook). In the future, we might collect or store information about those account to use when personalize our services to you.


Sometimes we’ll communicate to you through targeted ads, email, chat or similar. Sometimes this communication may be triggered automatically or personalized for you. 


We won’t sell your personal information. We normally don’t share your personal information outside the company. We may share some of the information we collect under special circumstances. This will be to a selected partner or if it is required by the law we have to follow to run our company (we are not subject to U.S jurisdiction). We will not allow requests regarding information about your usage of our services if we believe it is not necessary for us to do so.


We use a lot of different tech to recognise that you are you. This can be any kind of pixels, cookies, data storage or similar. We use this to understand how we can optimise our business or products, and most are used for advertisement, personalisation and user-behaviour research.
We also use third-party services that may place cookies in your browsers. We try to use third-party services only when we feel it’s necessary, but beware that our policy only covers cookies used by us (not third parties). 

Storage & Security.

To offer you our services we use or licence services from third-party companies and vendors. We use or may use partners for software, hardware and technology instead of handling things like storage and hosting ourself. We try to make Brandpad as safe as we can, but we can not guarantee security. We ask that you consider this when using Brandpad and that you take measures to secure your information as well. If you have any questions, please contact us at