The benchmark for ambitious brands.

With Brandpad, brands get the present and future in one. You design and maintain the experience—Brandpad provides the format that aligns delivery and brand usage across partners and audiences.

All access.

All accounts come with all features and access for your whole team. All launched projects have unlimited brand users (receivers of the live brand) and bandwidth usage. Prices are per month paid yearly. Reach out for freelance plans.


In Progress.

— No launched projects.
— Unlimited designers.



— 1 launched project.
— Unlimited designers.
— Unlimited brand users & usage.

$35 per month.

Studio Portfolio — 5

— 5 launched projects.
— Unlimited designers.
— Unlimited brand users & usage.

$83 per month.

Studio Portfolio — Unlimited

— Unlimited launched projects.
— Unlimited designers.
— Unlimited brand users & usage.

$169 per month.

In good company.

Inspiring designers from IDEO, MoMA, Ueno, Designit and Scandinavian Design Group use Brandpad to deliver and manage identity projects in a professional way.

Made for you.

Brandpad is made by designers for designers. It's time visual identities found a proper format.

Clients managed.

Give clients a one-stop for their identity. Provide a professional brand experience from beginning to end, all designed by you. 

Grows with you.

Instead of handling brands and assets separately, you get one system to handle all the brands in your portfolio.

From A—Z.

Use your design to your advantage. Showcase your process in a layout that follows the identity it creates.


Brandpad is used for everything from winning new projects to maintaining existing identities in a streamlined way. You provide the design, we provide the system to present, deliver and manage your identities.

Ready for portfolios.

Studios using Brandpad spend less time delivering value and profit more on each project. According to our network, bringing your portfolio to Brandpad helps revitalize old projects, maintain and retain existing identities, and maximize new business. Interested in white label? Contact us.

Q & A.

Is Brandpad for studios only?

Brandpad is made for studios, but the value is the same even if you're a freelancer or in-house designer. We have plans for both brands and portfolios.

How does sharing work?

When you are ready, you can publish the project to make it accessible to everyone you want. End-users don't need an account to use it—but you can lock the guideline (or assets) behind a password if you want.

Can I use Brandpad with clients?

Yes. Brandpad is made to be used with clients, and we have functionality specifically made to help you handle client collaboration across a full brand portfolio.

Can guidelines be updated?

Yes, when using Brandpad, the guideline can be updated whenever you want. When you do, the live guideline will automatically sync the changes so you don't have to re-distribute the link.

Do I or my clients pay?

If you're on a Brand plan, we accommodate both options. For the studio accounts, the easiest way is to invoice the clients on the side, like you would everything else (remember that what you invoice is up to you).

Can I handle several brands?

Yes, without problems. All account can have several brands connected. You can invite colleagues to your account–or you can invite brand collaborators and clients to one, single brand.

We support good people.

We support everything that pushes the envelope and help bring visual concepts to the world. If you are a student, NGO, educational institution, startup, just-turned freelancer or similar, contact us to discuss how we can help.