Brandpad’s whole philosophy can be summed up as “for designers, by designers”. We’re always looking for new ways for the studios that work with us to have healthier and more fulfilling relationships with their clients. So we came up with an absolute win-win.

Let's kick back.

Brandpad’s Kickback program

Studios bring clients to Brandpad all the time - sometimes just as brand owners and other times as full-on clients on high-tier plans. Going forward, we’re gonna make it worth your while.

Our Kickback program will give studios 15% back on the annual subscription of the clients they bring to us. But wait. This is not a one-time fee. No, no. You refer the client once but get the kickback every year for as long as the client is a subscriber.

This will go for all plans - from the modest Brand plan where the kickback would be $75/year to Brand Management where you’re looking at kickbacks of over $4500/year per client. Pretty dope, right?

All the studios are welcome to join the Kickback program. We will onboard you, give you some tips and resources and let’s start making it raiiiin.

Interested in being a part of our Kickback program? Reach out to us and let’s set it up.

Let's be partners.