With Brandpad you own the experience. From brand delivery to usage and updates. Bring assets and guides on how to use them together in one dedicated place. Easily shared and automatically synced for all.

Reimagine how you craft brand identities.

Designed by you

Custom everything

Download assets

Launch & share digitally

Updated and synced


Work solo or collaborate

Some creative processes require collaboration. Invite as many collaborators to help create, revise or continue the work as you please. All updates are synced for everyone involved.

Relevant content

Connect your imagery, text, videos and assets to the guides on how to use them. With Brandpad you can make the identity simple to use – and hard to misuse. Simplify brand consistency.

Colors are converted

No more manually converting color values. After adding the identity colors to Brandpad, our Color Palette tool automatically converts your hexes into the correct RGB values.

Grant access

Choose between collaborators and team members to either give access to just one single brand or your full account. Take it a step further and assign a specific role for each brand.

Used with no login required

Everything people need to know about the identity is accessible with one branded link. Anytime, on all devices. End-users don’t need ‘yet another login’ to view the live guideline.

For whatever you need

Brandpad is used for everything from winning new projects to maintaining existing identities. We provide you with a system to present, deliver, organize and manage your brand identities.

No worries hosting

Your data is fully hosted and secured by Brandpad through our hosting partners. No limits on number of files or bandwidth. Design, publish and share your guidelines and don’t worry about a thing.

Backed up

Your work is automatically saved and backed up in Brandpad’s cloud service. All changes automatically sync. If you need to restore an old version of your guideline we’re happy to help.

Start blank or with a template

Start your project with a template. Simply change the necessary styling and content. With Brandpad you’ve got all the tools to design a guideline that perfectly fits your brand.

Public or private

Choose if your brand guideline should be public or private. Password-protect single download buttons or the complete guideline. This feature is available with all our paid plans.

Take over or transfer ownership

When a guideline is ready to be launched, you can invite a client to take over ownership. While you have access to your whole portfolio, clients will only have access to their brand.


We provide support for everyone in English, Norwegian and German. No matter what plan you’re on. Text us via the in-app chat or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you asap.