Welcome to the visual identity 

& brand guideline of Brandpad.


Brandpad is a tool for graphic designers to create strong, conceptual and functional brand guidelines. Brandpad is a canvas, a laboratory for designers to make a space where brand components can live and prosper. To make the experience of Brandpad as good as possible, our identity is subtle and neutral, relevant since Brandpad’s goal is to make other identities shine.


Brandpad wants designers to love creating guidelines. To do so, our identity needed a personality to always help and guide you in the right direction. His name is Massimo and he is used for guidance and education.

Massimo is a tribute to Massimo Vignelli—the godfather of the one of the most successful manifesto’s in the history of graphic design. The International Style is also a manifesto Brandpad practices on a daily basis.



Logo Color.

The logo is available in two colors, black and white. Do not use the logo in any other color. Choice of black or white color based on an assessment of the contrast between the logo and the background. The goal is always be to make the logo appear as clearly as possible. 

The white logo is used in all cases where the background is dark, while the black logo used with brighter background.


Clear Space.

The logo should always contain enough space to ensure a clean and clear visual image. The logo should never be disturbed by other elements that can reduce its clarity. 

The amount of clear space varies in direct proportions to the logo size and is calculated using the symbol itself.


Minimum Sizing.

For the logo to be reproduced as clearly as possible do not use the logo in less than 9 mm for printed media and 26 px for digital interfaces.



First drawn for the Schwartzco Inc. identity, then finished for Condé Nast Portfolio and expanded for Wallpaper* and later T, the New York Times Style Magazine. Graphik was inspired by the elegant plainness seen in many of the less common 20th century European sans serifs and in handlettering on classic Swiss Modern posters. 

Graphik reflects our concept and inspiration from the International Typographic Style and will serve as and importrant part of the interactive builder. 

Graphik was inspired from all parts of the 20th century. The heavy end of the family is based in part on Paul Renner’s Plak, a relatively obscure display typeface cut only in large sizes of woodtype,that is related to his heavier weights of Futura but has rounder,friendlier, fatter proportions.



Designed by


18 Styles


Main: Graphik Regular


Graphik Bold

New York

Graphik Semibold

Massimo Vignelli

Examples & Tone-of-voice.

Brand identities are living things. 

Their guidelines should be too.

Tone of voice.

Brandpads communcation should always be professional and strictly to the point. We say it like it is, with as few words as possible. Focus on the positive and educative and try to avoid overly salesy copy. When in doubt, always go less fuzz.


Cloud-based brand guidelines and assets. Designed by you.

With Brandpad you create one, single place for brand guidelines, specifications and assets. Everything about the brand, accessible anytime and anywhere. It is safe, professional and beautiful.


When writing on behalf of Brandpad, try to avoid using uppercase letters in running text. Also try to avoid using exclamation marks, abbreviations, slang, "funny lingo" or technical terms. Always end headers with a punctuation mark.

When conversating as yourself, it is of course okay to be just that, but please keep in mind what values you are representing.


Guidelines even your mother could make

Using Brandpad is as simple as cake. Create a guideline, deliver it to your clients and start mixing the margaritas. Get started with Brandpad RIGHT NOW and make your dreams of playing volleyball on the beach a reality!


Colors are an important part of Brandpad’s identity.
The colors are always reproduced with the color values here.

Primary Color

Brandpad Black

HEX #272726
RGB 39 39 38
CMYK 0 0 0 97
PMS Neutral Black U
RAL 9005

Neutral Color

Brandpad Grey

RGB 248 248 248
CMYK 3 2 3 0
PMS 7541 U
RAL 9003

Secondary Grey

Brandpad Clay

RGB 168 168 171
CMYK 37 28 27 6
PMS Cool Gray 6 U
RAL 9006

Primary Color

Brandpad White

RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0
PMS White
RAL 9010

Secondary Color

Brandpad Green

HEX #00933C
RGB 0 148 60
CMYK 84 13 98 2
PMS 2426 U
RAL 6037

Secondary Color

Brandpad Red

HEX #E73830
RGB 231 57 49
CMYK 0 88 81 0
PMS 2426 U
RAL 3028


Weighting of color.

Consistent use of color helps the brain to establish relationships – between emotions, abilities, experiences and people, but above all they help to strengthen an identity. The main colors, black and white are chosen to reflect Brandpad’s posistion as a canvas. We want to be as subtle and humble as possible. The black and white pallette, however, is complemented by the two signal colors green and red. These are morstly used to indicate succsess or failure in relation to completion of tasks.


Strive for well-composed black and white photography reflecting cleanliness and objectivity. Symmetric/asymmetric layouts and use of the rule of third is also desired.


Identity in use.


Brandpad is a brand guidelines system for designers. Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding the identity or usage.