When we launched Brandpad 5 years ago, we did so because we knew bringing brands to the cloud would drastically simplify the life of designers and clients at large. And it did. More than 5000 brands later, countless hours are saved, and the life of designers, marketers, developers, coordinators—hell, basically everyone—is better. But, it turns out we only solved half the problem.

Delivering brands in a digital, cloud-based format is now a hygiene factor. But apparently, as we've seen over the last years, brand concepts still get lost post-delivery. Both designers and their clients still struggle with idiotic, repetitive tasks. And while the level of coordination needed to correctly utilize your visual identity is less, it still seems to require the involvement and time of a lot of different people.

For a small brand, the “home in the cloud” might be enough. But as brands grow bigger—and great brands always do—their complexity grows bigger as well. Sooner or later this complexity turns into chaos, and we're back where we started. Well, not on our watch. It's time to solve this once and for all.

Introducing an all-in-one brand management platform that takes efficiency to a whole new level.

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Building true brand consistency at scale.

All-in-one platform.
A comprehensive solution to all your branding, design and marketing needs with a platform that helps you streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

World-class digital asset management.

Organize and distribute brand assets through world-leading asset management, and keep track of your touchpoints and results with asset tracking, campaign monitoring, and success reporting.

Streamline content creation and management.

Create high-quality assets with speed and customize designs to fit specific brand requirements across different platforms and markets. Create custom, pre-approved digital and print templates for 100% consistency, and remove clutter and uncertainty to maximize impact.

Increase brand equity through consistency.
Maintain a consistent tone, look, and feel across all brand assets even when different teams are responsible for creating assets. Create content quickly, be responsive to customer needs, and create a sense of community around your brand.

Take collaboration to a whole new level.
Work together across teams, departments and locations. Streamline design, management, marketing and reporting to minimize delays and miscommunication.

Built for brand-ambitious companies.

Educate and empower.
Support teams to understand your brand through clear guidelines, official assets, core values, and more – one global online access point. Onboard employees, empower brand ambassadors and increase brand equity by achieving 100% brand consistency.

Replace day-to-day activities with automation.
Minimize tedious tasks and back-and-forth, and set up full-scale design templates for automated processes. Reduce costs, and minimize workload, but with better results.

Full-scale editing tools.

Create video, image, and text content at scale with built-in editing tools—including pre-approval and permission levels.

Full-scale direct deployment suite.

Integrate your workflow with here-to-there solutions like design-to-print or deploy-to-ad network.

Automated design approval flows.

Customize design rules for graphics creations, add automatically or manually approved formats for marketing use, and set up design approval flows to ensure consistency and efficiency across all brand assets.

Track and analyze effects.

Measure the effectiveness of brand assets and campaigns using insightful campaign reports to understand reach, volume, and visibility, and understand how your brand is used and perceived.

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  • BMW
  • Helly Hansen
  • IBM
  • Mondelez
  • Pfizer
  • PostNord
  • SAP
  • Unilever
  • Vodafone

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