Introducing Bespoke, a tailored solution designed to meet the diverse needs of both designers and operations.

Provide your creative team a flexible brand guidelines system, prioritizing sleek design and effortless customizations. Ensure brand consistency and reduce costs without overwhelming complexity.

Empower your workforce with the power of our market-leading digital asset management system under the hood of design-focused brand guidelines — seamlessly integrated within one centralized platform. Enhance efficiency and organization, simplify workflows, and improve productivity.

Explore how we redefine the way brands manage their identity and assets, empowering teams to collaborate more effectively and drive unparalleled success.

Brandpad Bespoke

World-Class DAM

Connect our award-winning DAM to your guidelines and unlock advanced AI-powered categorization and tagging options, transcode videos and images and provide current versions of all assets.

Empower your teams, save time, and cut costs.
By centralizing assets, your marketing, brand, internal comms, and HR teams gain a strategic hub for seamless sharing and organization, encouraging in-house content creation while slashing production timelines and bottlenecks.

Navigate diverse markets with ease and precision.
Our DAM provides centralized oversight, granting you control over how materials are utilized and ensuring brand integrity across all touchpoints. Say goodbye to fragmentation and hello to unified brand experiences worldwide.

A safe single source of truth.
Eliminate uncertainties and resource drains by housing all marketing assets within our secure DAM, shielding them from data breaches or risky third-party transfers. Safeguard sensitive data and tailor media accessibility with precision, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Full flexibility.

Convert brand guidelines from PDF or print into digital with our digitization service. Having guidelines on Brandpad vs. PDF makes them easier to access, share and keep up-to-date.

Brand Security.
Strengthen brand security with custom Single Sign-On (SSO) setup and brand security options. Protect your brand assets and ensure that only authorized individuals can access and make changes to your brand materials.

Unlimited Usage.
Bespoke gives you the freedom to create separate guidelines for different clients, markets, divisions and languages. Collaborate effectively by inviting unlimited editors to work on your brand guidelines. Engage your design team and stakeholders from different departments to cohesively shape your brand's identity.

Brandpad Bespoke
  • ANZ
  • BMW
  • Helly Hansen
  • IBM
  • Mondelez
  • Pfizer
  • PostNord
  • SAP
  • Unilever
  • Vodafone

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