The brand platform.

Brandpad is run by a collective of creatives. Initiated in early 2017 as a solution to our own growing problems; spending countless hours making static brand guidelines that don't get used, identities being locked in a format that doesn't allow continuous updates—and office hours being spent on post-project support and emails instead of creative work.

The vision is to be where brands can live and prosper. A dedicated format for visual identities, where designers can design, deliver and maintain brand platforms that express the identities they contain. 

Besides Brandpad, we curate a newsletter of new and exciting brand identities and interview designers about their brand process

Best from Oslo,
The designers at Brandpad.

Core Values.


We believe in aesthetics.


We believe in the rock steady.


We believe in less fuzz.


We believe in custom experiences.


We run on passion and love to collaborate with great people. We are always looking for ways to inspire or applaud others or help people in doing good. Feel free to reach out with relevant projects.