A brand platform.

With Brandpad you create one, single platform for brands to thrive. Everything from project delivery to sharing and brand usage in one, dedicated place. Accessible for everyone involved, beautifully designed by you.

How it works

Design a brand experience.

Brandpad provides the platform where you turn brand identities in to fully customized guidelines, packed with all the relevant specifications and assets.

Launch and distribute.

Great work deserves a great handover. Start delivering your brand identities as interactive, digital experiences, launching the brand universe with a big bang.

Always up to date.

Provide a always up-to-date space that is accessible for the right people, on all devices, at any time. Cultivate a dedicated space that grows with the brand for years to come.

For designers.


Standardize your brand project deliveries. Manage and grow your portfolio and team in one system.


Completely remove post-project support, confusion, and versioning. Design, share and update in one.

Designed by you.

Take action.

Join thousands of design studios in bringing their portfolios of visual identities to the cloud.